The common ancient texts, of more than half earth's population, explain that "the human condition" as we know it today, arose in Eden.


At that time our creator began publishing his ultimate solution for any and all dysfunction.


A treasure map to boundless wealth.


A medicine for boundless health.


A message about extraordinary generosity.


Good news - the best ever.


The liberating gospel of grace.


Although uptake has been slow, millions throughout history have been deeply touched and changed by this message.


These have always been a minority.


In a post-religious and post-secular world this could change suddenly for the first time in history.


The second reformation of society, can quickly eclipse the first, where the gospel of grace was explicitly embraced en masse in the form of the 5 solas.


Many freedoms that we take for granted today were born then - a bit more than 500 years ago, in 1517.


The last shackles that hold the human race back could finally and suddenly fall.